Great Lengths

Great Lengths is a world leader in hair extensions, providing versatile, pre-bonded 100% human hair. Our hair is of guaranteed origin and ethicality, and can be used to add length, volume, colour or texture to transform your look. We have over 55 base colours to choose from and blend together as well as limited edition colours and Flowstrands, which combine two colours for a dip-dyed or ombré effect. The Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000, simply put, is the world's finest system for the application of human hair strands. This "cold fusion" method uses no heat, Ultrasound vibrations soften the Great Lengths hair extension bonds so that it can be wrapped around the hair to form a flat, seamless bond.

Unlike other systems, where glue guns and wax melting pots are used, the 5000 applicator allows for very clean and precise application. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and, most importantly, non-damaging to your natural hair.

Great Lengths supreme quality offers:

• Thick and long hair
• Intense and long lasting colors
• Quality extensions with healthy hair
• Invisible and comfortable bonds
• Safe and long lasting bonding with our innovative techniques

The Great Lengths bond uses a blend of polymers that mimic the structure of hair to fuse the extensions to your own hair. The classic shades are an extensive range of black, brown, red, copper and blondes. All our hair is pre-bonded, the pre-attachment of bonds is very important as it means that the correct amount of hair is applied each time giving you completely natural long-lasting results