M Strands

After leading the hair extension market for the last 30 years M Hair have developed M strands; a completely new hair extension system.

Using the highest quality, ethically sourced, human Remy temple hair, our system will not cause any damage to your existing hair. This is because we have eliminated the two main causes of damage; Heat and Glue. After removing these factors we have been able to create a completely re-usable system which is not only kind to your hair and scalp but can last up to nine months with proper maintenance.

M Strands can be used to create stunning results whether its short to long or just to add a little volume. Another option might be to add colour without the commitment of dyeing your hair with the added bonus of volumizing your existing style at the same time. Using M Strands any of these options will transform your hair.

Finally, at M Hair we do appreciate that time is a major influence and therefore application of M Strands only takes around half the time of other systems available on the market. At around 1 to 2 hours for a full head and 30 minutes for a volumize, you won't be wasting hours in the salon.